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Bounty System

Kill a Red and reap the rewards. Every time you kill a Red you will randomly get a statue. Each one is called Red Death.

These 4 below is just a few of the different statues. Good Luck....that is if you need luck.

Red Death.jpg

Minotaur's Pass

This will lead to Fire and Ice Islands, but this passage is only in Trammel and dangerous.

Valorite Market


Buy newer arifacts and rares that can't be made or looted.


Buy special weapons and armor.

Snake's Pass Mine


Events & Special Features

1. Monster Massacre - If you die your corpse will disappear and all your belongings will be on you when you resurrect. There will be a gate by the Brit Bank...of course in Trammel. Once in there will be a wall and you can skip back and forth ( teleported ) as needed. There is a door on the opposite side of the entrance. Monsters will come pouring out. They will be easy at first and get harder and harder. Players will have to fight their way down the hall and to the back of the dungeon where there will be a champ awaiting.


2. Death Race - If you die here you will not be able to resurrect until you reach the finish unless you can get someone to stop competing and resurrect that's going to happen. Don't die! IF you die your belongings will be on you when you resurrect. You will not loose anything here. NOTE: You CANNOT win if you are dead!!!!! A track set in it's own dungeon for death and excitement thoughout the race. There are lots of traps to slow you down.


3. Monster Race - Two teams fighting the same amount of monsters through two identical dungeons. Who can kill all the monsters and pass though the exit gate first. All team mates have to be through the final gate alive, and all monsters have to be killed to win. Once all team mates are through the dungeon it will be checked, and if any monsters are left alive you forfeit the victory.


4. Rugby - This brutal sport has become part of UO Succession. Two teams pitted against each other on the field. Each team takes turns starting at mid-field and try to carry the ball across the goal line. The player with the ball will be glowing one solid color. If you kill him and loot him you will be glowing. There is a resurrection gate at both ends of the field, resurrect quickly and get back in the action. All players must be naked. Blessed team robes will be given. Teams will consist of at least four players. If players choose to be on the same team or come to the game as a group, such as friends, they will be able to pick their team name and the color, (which will be assigned to the robe). No regs, bandages, armor, or weapons. Wrestling skill will be set to 10000, so dieing will be quick and painless. All healing skills and spells cannot be performed in the Rugby Area. But, if someone is killed off the field their belongings will be with them when resurrected. Winner gets their robes as a prize. 1st team to score 5 points wins. For now this is something that has not been tried, so changes to the rules may happen.


5.Free Arena - Good for practice. Everything in your pack stays in your pack, so there is nothing to loot.





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