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1. Trammel is a divided land. Humans (The Alliance) controls half and Non-Humans (The Horde) controls the other half.

2. Players can't mark, recall, or gate around a bank in Occupied Towns.

3. Below is the list of cities that each faction belongs to.


1. Killable town guards are patrolling the streets for faction players. Insta Kill guards still patrol for non-faction players. Faction guards WILL NOT attack non-faction players unless criminals.

2. In Human towns guards will attack Horde players. In Horde towns guards will attack Human players. They will not attack their own kind.

3. In neutral towns the guards only attack criminals.

3. Valorite (coins) is the reward system.

1. It will be given automatically and daily to the faction that holds the throne.

2. You can also get it from the Hive Dungeon, but you have to kill the monsters that are assigned to your faction. Below is more info on that.

3. You can also get Valorite from killing the opposing guards.


There are quest that are set up for each faction to get unique items.

Below is more details




The Alliance.........1. Knight - located in Minoc   2. Pirate - located in Buccaneers Den   3. Ranger - located in Yew   4. Arcanist - located in Moonglow. 5. Viking - Located in Vesper



The Horde....1. Drow - located in Deluccia  2. Savage - located in Skara Brea

3. Undead - located in Jhelom  4. Orc - located in Magincia  5. Demon located in Trinsic 


RP Quest

There is a quest for each faction. Each faction has it's own quest giver and each quest giver gives something different. Example: For the Orcs... Zugrak gives an orc belt and boots. These items are not blessed, so if you get in a real fight and you lose, your enemy may want them as a prize. Also the Horde each get a skin dye. Orc = green, Savage = white, Drow = Greyish black, Undead = yellowish. Demons = Red. Example for Humans... Rangers get a Ranger quiver and Ranger boots.


Horde - Has to travel to Ice Dungeon (which is in Human territory), and kill the Fire Ratmen and the Guardian of the Fire Ring.


Humans - Has to travel to Destard (which is in Horde territory), Dungeon and kill the Ice Ratmen and the Guardian of the  Ice Ring. 

This will make it real interesting.... Good luck!


All RP Factions have two quest near the Bank.

1. Ice/Fire Ring and necklace quest. The items you get will be specific to your clan.

2. Capture the Flag Quest. Each group has a banner in their town. You will have to get the 5 banners from each of the opposing groups town. There are guards in the towns that attack the opposing group, Horde or Human. If you are Human you will not be able to enter inside the barrier. This is to prevent abuse. The gates only allow the opposing faction to enter.


 This is were Humans have to go.......Destard.  IT is in horde territory!                                          This is were the Horde have to go........Ice. IT is in Alliance territory!                                                                 



Guards for RP towns

Each RP town has killable guards. There are not a lot of them, but they are pretty strong. If someone is attacking can run to them if needed. The soldiers attack criminals, the opposing faction,  (IF IN A HORDE TOWN THE ALLIANCE PLAYER WILL BE ATTACKED). All faction towns have killable guards, and regular guards for non-faction players.




There are no rules. Just because the roles are set does not mean you have to follow them. Pirates can fight Knights or whatever. We plan on having events that puts Alliance against Horde, Alliance against Alliance, and Horde against Horde to see who is the strongest.



RP events

1. Group events - We will want to know what faction is the strongest. So we will be having faction fights to see who dominates. Unless ok'd with the other faction, factions will be equal numbers during events. So at times you may have to choose who goes into the arena.

2. Leader events - We will want to know who's leader is the toughest. So we will be having the leaders of each faction fight. So not only does he need to be a good leader he has to be able to stand his ground and represent his faction in the arena.

3. Single overall event - Who is the strongest of all the factions in the arena. Open contest for anyone RP.

4. Game of Thrones - Alliance VS Horde. Each faction has their own Castle and has to defend the throne. If the throne is taken then it goes to the conquering faction and they will have to defend the throne. Winner will be rewarded. There are 2 entrances to the throne room, and you must defeat the dragon and then the door will collapse all while fighting the opposing faction protecting their castle.     10 Valorite a day will be rewarded to every player whose faction controls the throne. This is an automated event that starts every 7 days.






Game of Thrones

A continuous game. Attack your enemies' castle anytime. Take the throne and each faction member gets 10 valorite a day as long as the throne is in your castle. BUT....the castle can also be defended by your faction at anytime. There is an area set up in each faction town to attack or defend the castles. If you join a side, Horde or Alliance, that will be your faction.  Each faction has their own castle to defend, and although the 2 castles look different they are built the same. Same defenses and same offenses. The Throne is at the back of the castle, and there are 2 dragons that protect the doorways. Kill the dragons to knock down the door and get into the castle, or fight your way through the reptiles to climb up the castle walls.



The Hive has 2 entrances at each location a player can enter. One is the normal hive, and the other is the faction Hive. Two entrances are in the Human territory and two in the Horde territory. Each area has three different creatures to kill to get valorite. Humans have......Silver Serpent, Ogre Lord, and Wisp. Horde have.......Seething Serpent, Seething Ogre Lord, and Seething Wisp. Humans can only get valorite from their creatures and Horde from theirs. Of course you can cross into the other's area, and ask the opposing group to give you their valorite.

Human Hive.jpg
Horde Hive.jpg
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