Animal Trainer vendor - None in Felucca, but should be in every town in Trammel.

Horses - skill level to tame is 0. It may take a few times but you will be able to tame one. If it takes to many times you may want to find another. I have been able to tame most of them quickly, but I have ran into one that I gave up on.

Bond Timer - To check for bond time use - [bondtime command. This will tell you down to the second when your pet will bond or it will tell you that you need to feed it to set the timer.


Below are pictures and locations of the most powerful ridables. All normal ridables are in game also.

                                            Tiger - Trinsic >

  Black Tiger - Trinsic >

 Silver Steed - Terathan >

< Windrunner - Wind

< White Tiger - Trinsic

< Tarantula - Spider Dungeon (new)

< Royal Charger - Yew

 Raptalon - Terathan >

< Nightmare - Terathan

Nightmare - Shame >

< Lasher - Prism of Light

Hiryu - Blighted Grove >

< Hell Steed - Wrong

Fire Beetle - Fire >

< Fire Steed - Fire

Hell Hound - Hythloth >

Cu Sidhe - Wind >