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Ridables - ALL have been adjusted for UOR era.

Animal Trainer vendor - None in Felucca, but should be in every town in Trammel.

Horses - skill level to tame is 0. It may take a few times but you will be able to tame one. If it takes to many times you may want to find another. I have been able to tame most of them quickly, but I have ran into one that I gave up on.

Bond Timer - To check for bond time use - [bondtime command. This will tell you down to the second when your pet will bond or it will tell you that you need to feed it to set the timer.

1. Hiryu - Blighted Grove - has been adjusted for UOR - can't one hit kill you but still powerful.

2. Nightmare - Shame & Terathan Keep

3. Royal Charger - Britannia

4. Tiger - Black, White, and Normal - Trinsic Forest - strongest animal

5. White Stallion - Britannia - Same strength as a Nightmare

6. Lasher - Prism of Light

7. Tarantula - Spider Cave

8. Fire Beetle - Fire Dungeon

9. Fire Steed - Fire Dungeon- Has been adjusted to match closely to a Nightmare

10. Ancient Hell Hound - Hythloft Dungeon

11. Cu Sidhe - Mushroom Cave - Trinsic Forest

12. Wind Runner - Wind

13. Silver Steed - Terathan Keep - has been adjusted to match closely with a Nightmare

14. Reptalon - Terathan Keep

15. Hell Steed - Wrong

16. Snow Ostard - Lost Lands (Delucia) - Stronger than a Frenzied Ostard

17. Shadow Ostard - Yew Fort of the Damned - Stronger than a Frenzied Ostard

18. Cave Bear - Near Covetous Dungeon - Very strong ridable bear with a variety of hues.

19. Poison Mare - Near Snakes Passage North of Brit. Orgeman he mad scientist created it.

20. Blood Mare - Ter Mur in Urgeman's Dungeon, which is Orgeman's twin brother. He created it.

21. Mythical Basilisk - On Fire Island, but you have to get there by boat or through a Ter Mur dungeon.

22. Wild Horses - Only in Ter Mur. These are stronger than regular horses, and taming has to be 60+.

23. Shadow Mounts - Shadow Dungeon in Britannia. Same as Ethereals, but live animals that can be killed unless bonded.

Below are pictures and locations of the most powerful ridables. All normal ridables are in game also.

Windrunner - Wind >

wind runner.jpg

                                            Tiger - Trinsic >

  Black Tiger - Trinsic >

White Tiger - Trinsic >

Tarantula - Spider Dungeon >

 Silver Steed - Terathan >

Royal Charger - Yew >

 Raptalon - Terathan >

Nightmare - Terathan

Nightmare - Shame

Lasher - Prism of Light >

Hiryu - Blighted Grove >

Hell Steed - Wrong >

Fire Beetle - Fire >

Fire Steed - Fire >

Hell Hound - Hythloth >

Cu Sidhe - Mushroom Cave >

Cu Sidhe.jpg

White Stallion - Britannia >

White Stallion.jpg

Snow Ostard - Lost Lands (Delucia) >

Snow Ostard.jpg

Shadow Ostard - Yew Fort of the Damned >

Shadow Ostard.jpg

Cave Bear - Found near Covetous Dungeon >


Poison Mare - Found in Britannia  >

Poison Mare created by Orgeman.jpg

Blood Mare - Found in Ter Mur - Urgeman created the Blood Mare.....Orgeman's evil twin >

Blood Mare created by Urgeman.jpg
Urgeman Dungeon.jpg

Mythical Basilisk - Found on Fire Island, but only reachable by boat or through Navery Dungeon in Ter Mur. >

Mythical Basilisk.jpg

Wild Horses - Only in Tur Mur. >

Wild Horses.jpg

Shadow Mounts....same as Ethereals, but live animals that can die unless bonded. Found in the Shadow Dungeon. Will not be an easy task to get one.

1. Cu Sidhe

2. Cave Bear

3. Nightmare

4. Beetle

5. Hiryu

6. Royal Charger

Shadow mounts.jpg
Shadow Dungeon.jpg
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