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Ultima Online is a free download. Once downloaded, double click on the desktop icon. It will upgrade automatically.


Install on your computer.



Once this is downloaded, double click on your desktop icon and Razor will open up. From there plug in the IP address:  and the Port: 2593 and click OK. The game will open. Make a character and start playing. RAZOR is a program that can simplify common task in the game. There are also programs on this website.

This is definitely a good source. Works Great! Full map that shows you where you are at in game. Place markers to keep up with places you've been. Locate coordinates for fishing. 


Same as RAZOR......Download. Double click. Add new profile = UOSuccession. Enter IP: and Port: 2593.   ClassicUO Tool has a lot better Radar map. You can see all the Ultima Online map and where you are.

Download and double click to start it up. New profile.....add UOSuccession. IP: address  Port: 2593. The game will open make a character and start playing. This program is the same as RAZOR but has some special features that RAZOR doesn't have. The map radar is 100% better.

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